About Adboek

Adboek is a smart contact management app which delivers high-end contacts handling features to clients. This app has been built specifically for travel business owners who want to get a customized contacts app. As such, it has many specialized features which can help you get quick access and manage your contacts inventory. It also offers some very important additional features like sync in with other key travel contact apps to deliver a wholesome experience. If you want to get a smart contact management app, then try Adboek now!

Techtastic Technology

A Pro Contact Management App

Adboek is a new type of contact management app which delivers exceptional performance and ease in a few clicks. You get to access all your contact details exactly how you want it. With a fully customizable interface which allows you complete freedom, your contact management is a breeze. We also have several templates based on your specific travel address book domain service area. This will help you arrange your contacts, access them and sync Adboek up. Get the best contact management app now!

Great Accessibility

Accessibility is at the heart of Adboek. This feature was kept central because we wanted to create an easy-to-use app which delivers everything you want. Since we focused specifically on the travel domain, we also customized the accessibility features based on specifics. So, you can choose to categorize the app’s home screen tabs based on contact type, regularity of calls, special case numbers, regions etc. All of this combines to deliver you the most comprehensive contacts management travel app available on iOS or Android!


Versatility is another major defining feature of the Adboek free travel directory app. We wanted to cater to all kinds of travel industry professionals. So, we introduced various modes in which the app can be used. Tour operators get a separate mode setting to work with where they can organize travel agents and individuals travellers. Same goes for all kinds of travel agents, suppliers, transportation businesses etc. This allows Adboek to cater to a wide range of professionals who work in the tourism industry. It also means your entire business can have one consolidated contacts directory to contact each other with. Now that is convenience made simple!

Is Adboek the Right Contacts App for You?

Adboek is an intelligent contact management app which delivers unparalleled performance for travel business operators. It also ensures that you can access the accounts you want when you want by allowing you customization options. Here are some of the most important features that you can get from Adboek:

  • Pro Contacts Directory
  • Memorized History
  • Customized Interface

These prime features make Adboek of the best contacts applications on iOS and Android. Contact your peers, collaborators and employees with just one click. Get Adboek now and get yourself the only contact app you are going to need for achieving success!