About Appolyte

Appolyte is the need of the hour for the travel industry which is witnessing a massive rise in mobile users. Every travel company and travel agent wants to enhance, enrich and ease the experience of the travellers. From booking a flight and tour packages to finding travel itineraries and accommodations, everything can be done using a single mobile application. So, the need for a business to have a mobile app is at an all-time high. Appolyte provides travel businesses an effective solution for travel app development. The platform builds mobile app that is equipped with amazing features that help you fulfill your customers’ expectations, increase brand engagement, keep you connected with your clients at all times, establish a strong online presence, and boost sales and revenue. With a robust mobile application for your travel business, you can rise above your competition, and present yourself as a premium brand.

Create a Worldwide Impact

Get a mobile application that best reflects your travel business with Appolyte. It is one of the best platforms for travel businesses where they can have their own mobile application at an affordable price. In this era of growing mobile users, having your own travel business app not only helps you in keeping up with the game but also helps you reach out to a larger audience and enhance customer experience. Also, your mobile app can very well work as a revenue generator for you since most travelers expect to fulfill their travel-related needs through their phones.

Getting Mobile App was Never This Easy

Appolyte provides you with your own mobile app on Google Play Store and App store in just 72 hours. After you register (which is absolutely free!), you only need to enter the details about your travel business, add the packages and services you offer and contact details where your customers can reach you through CMS provided by Appolyte. That’s all you need to do while we take care of everything it takes to build and publish your mobile app on Play Store and App Store.

Easy to Use UI

The platform is super easy to use and offers you a smooth interface with detailed instructions throughout to help you. One doesn’t need to have any technical knowledge to navigate or use the platform. For application details, you only need to follow the step-by-step process presented on the CMS screen to complete the process from your end. Once you are done filling out the details, you can watch the LIVE preview of your app, make any necessary changes and submit it for publishing. You can’t make changes to certain details like App name, theme and organization logo once the app is published.

Is Appolyte Right for You?

Appolyte provides you unparalleled opportunities to grow your travel business and establish a strong online presence across wide mobile user base. If you are an online travel agency or travel agent, Appolyte offers a perfect travel app development solution that is built by keeping in mind the needs of modern-day travellers. With advanced features and a smooth interface, Appolyte offers you:

  • A plethora of Themes and Color Options
  • Customizable App Name
  • Upload Unlimited Tour Packages
  • Social Media Channels Connections
  • Free Country Guide
  • End-to-End Support
  • Live App in 72 Hours
  • 1/6th of Market Price

All these features of Appolyte make it perfect for travel agents and other travel businesses to get easy access to a fully-functional mobile application, increase their business productivity and revenue, and establish a global online presence. Reach out to a wider audience and notify your customers about special offers, packages deals, and much more without any hassle with Appolyte. Start your journey now!