About JauntFix

JauntFix is a social media miracle for travel agency operators. It delivers a superb performance and an opportunity which can help you achieve the best social media marketing possible. As an app for travel agents, JauntFix enables you to access all major social media platforms and post your content on them. It is also a standalone platform with a rapidly growing number of profiles. This app can be accessed by travel agents, travelers and all other professionals in between. This makes JauntFix a great app for tour operators and all kinds of tourism-related professionals. Get your free trial now!

Top of the Tech Tree

The Social Media Marketing Miracle You’ve Been Waiting For!

JauntFix delivers a high-end platform for facilitating all your social media activities. It is a consolidated medium which can help you achieve the maximum value from your social media profiles. It integrates all major platforms and allows you to make multiple travel app posts with just a few clicks. You can also look through your social media performance and ensure you are able to compete effectively in the market. Get the very best dedicated tourism social travel app in the market!

Global Coverage

JauntFix delivers a great app experience which combines quality social media access with simplified functions. The app for travel agents ensures you can cover all your clients and competitors are just a few clicks away on social media. Further, it gives you the chance to market all across the planet. At present, the travel app is rapidly making moves in the travel and tourism market globally. If you connect with professionals in your target region, you can market to both audiences as well as other tourism businesses. This makes getting full benefit from social media a matter of a few clicks. Now you can market like a pro without spending too much time on it!

All-in-One App

JauntFix is an all-in-one app that can make your social media marketing tactics a lot smarter, streamlined and sophisticated. This app for tour operators combines the best of all social media and dedicated specialized resources for the travel domain. So, you can find not only travel agents, agencies, freelancers, suppliers, tour operators, travellers but also a wide variety of other individuals here. Basically, this allows you to near-instantly develop a strong network of professional contacts. Further, you can collaborate with them via social travel app postings to provide business potential. Now that’s the best way you can market your travel business for free!

Is JauntFix Right for You?

JauntFix is a simple, effective and all-encompassing social media solution for travel businesses. It delivers all the features you would want in your social media app without being too heavy. It also gives a standalone social media app for travel suppliers option which you can use to connect with other professionals. Here are the best features of JauntFix

  • Zero Social Media Promotion
  • Multi Social Media Platform Syncs
  • Profile Management
  • Timed Posts
  • Post Performance Analytics
  • Market Competition Overview

All of these features offered by JauntFix make it a great app for all kinds of travel businesses. Companies, travel business owners and tour operators can benefit greatly from using JauntFix to promote their business. If you want to make the most of social media app for tour guides for your travel business, try JauntFix for free now!