About TLAK

Managing travel operations has never been easier. TLAK allows tour operators to create and manage tours most efficiently and effectively. TLAK is created keeping in mind all the imperative features that make the tour creation and the whole travel process easy for the tour operators. TLAK provides a unique opportunity for tour operators to engage their clients more and in a better way and stay connected with them even after the completion of the tour. TLAK provides a host of features that will give you an edge over other tour operators or agencies.

Pay and use

Providing you a cost effective and transparent service

TLAK gives you the incredible benefit of using the complete features of the Software and application without making any payments. You can create complete tours without having to pay a dime for it. This gives you a great advantage over other tour management and assistance applications as you can use all the features and create the tour and modify it to your hearts content. Until this point you don’t pay anything, you only need to payment when you decide to make the tour live.

White Label application

TLAK is one of the few applications in the travel assistance and management domain that are White labeled. This enables you to use our platform as a means of showcasing your own brand. All your clients using the TLAK application will be viewing your logo and brand when they use it. This will promote your brand and drive more people to using your services.

Detailed itinerary builder

This is of the main features of TLAK, which allows you to create detailed and comprehensive itineraries. You can provide the complete information of the activities that will be included for each day of the tour. This Is very helpful as it can provide a vivid description about the activities to the passengers, which gives them an insight to the day and create anticipation. They can get information beforehand about the places they are to visit. You can even add the inclusions and exclusions of each day.

Is TLAK Right for You?

TLAK is the perfect amalgamation of all the features and the technology that will allow all the travel business owner to streamline their business operations and increase the efficiency to a great extent. Some of the most notable features of TLAK are:

  • White Labeled Application
  • Real Time Tracking of Tours
  • Searchable Map of POI’s
  • Alerts and Notifications for Admin and Travelers
  • Ability to Keep Your Clients Engaged
  • Integrated Hotel List and Information
  • Auto-Check Flight Status on Admin & App
  • Share Travel Documents, Tickets and Booking Details
  • Upsell Services On-The-Go
  • No Installation & Setup Cost
  • No Reoccurring Charges
  • Pay-As-You-Use Model
  • Contact Tour Manager, Travel Agent or Authority During Emergencies
  • Access Tour Information on the App Even When You are Offline
  • Takes Communication Process to the Next Level

TLAK has endless benefits for the business owner and the best thing is that you can use TLAK for free, as you access all the features. You only make the payment when you feel that you are ready to activate the tour. So, use TLAK now and give yourself the much-needed edge over other travel businesses.